Nathalie Equall

Painting the Pacific NW in pastel and oil



Painter's Showcase of Portland Annual Show

Grand Hotel in Bridgeport

Tualatin, OR

August 23-25 

Complimentary wine and cheese reception 5 pm Fri & Sat

Free admission

Colorful Expressions

April 7-May 30

Calvin Presbyterian Gallery

Tigard, OR

meet the artist reception 4/7/19 11am-noon

Willamette Valley Lavender Festival Plein Air Art Show

Chehalem Cultural Center

Newberg, OR

2nd weekend in July

Free admission


 Pastels are sticks of pure pigment-the same pigment that is in other paint such as oil or watercolor.  The pigment is mixed with a small amount of binder to hold it together in stick form.  It is essentially dry paint.    

Pastel paintings are made on an archival surface, such as paper or board with enough tooth to allow the pigment to grip or stick to the paper. Nathalie paints on artist's archival sanded paper, usually mounted to archival foamcore or masonite.  Pastel paintings are best displayed framed behind glass to keep them from smudging.    


 A plein air painting is simply a painting that has been created outdoors, in the open air.  


Painting plein air is usually exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, and always memorable.  Plein air paintings can be done in one session, or over multiple sessions with the artist returning to the same painting location at the same time of day.  Plein air paintings often have a freshness that is unique to the outdoor experience.  

Plein air competitions are where artists work outdoors, and usually have some type of time limits and/or boundaries which in which they must complete their paintings.  The paintings must be conceived and completed outdoors, in whatever conditions Mother Nature decides to make available.